I had the pleasure to be invited as faculty to the 4th European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth, in Berlin, 8-10 november 2017. I will try to resume in the following 3 posts what impressed me the most concerning the lectures, devices and posters.

So concerning the lectures, below are the ones that attracted my attention. I further invite you to consult the #ecardio2017 website for the full presentations (plus take a look at the photos attached):
• The inaugural session talked about advances in mobile health, and was chaired by Enrico Caiani and Hugo Saner. Enriching and inspiring session.
• « Business models and solutions » session, chaired by Paul Dendale and Ines Frederix: Teleconsultation works, concluded Mr. Huyghe from Philips.
• « Instant messaging and selfies: the future of telemedicine ? » by prof. M.Mars: whatsapp and selfies use for medical purpose is very usual but raises ethical concerns regarding patient consent and private data. Would you use it in your daily practice?
• « Virtual cardiac emergency unit: the use of mobile technologies in acute cardiology » presented by E. De Kluiver:« don’t come to us, we come to you » (patients are seen by specialized nurses and treatment is conducted by hospital cardiologist: diuretics, inotropes).
ecardio 2017 alexandru mischie huyghe

ecardio 2017 alexandru mischie huyghe2

ecardio 2017 alexandru mischie huyghe3

ecardio2017 alexandru mischie kluiver

ecardio2017 alexandru mischie kluiver2

ecardio2017 alexandru mischie kluiver3

ecardio2017 alexandru mischie mars

ecardio2017 alexandru mischie mars2

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