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Multifunctional devices at #ecardio2017

Multifunctional devices at #ecardio2017

#Sensium is a wireless system that monitors vital signs (temperature, respiration and ECG) in the low-risk post-surgery patients. It costs 20€/patient. The nurse is alerted if any of the parameters is abnormal and takes action.
#Sensordot is a device that can measure ECG, motion, blood pulse flow and respiration with autonomy of 24h.
#LabPad is a smart device that tests INR in 5 seconds… costs around 700€. Very useful for our patients under VKA.
#mawi wrist band is an ingenious device similar to the FitBit, however, it is able to provide a 1channel ECG.

Even though I found all the devices and software very interesting, I would say that the @mawi wrist band has by far the biggest potential, due to its capability to provide a 1 channel ECG and due to its low price (around 30€).


ecardio 2017 alexandru mischie dev1

ecardio 2017 alexandru mischie dev2

ecardio 2017 alexandru mischie dev3

ecardio 2017 alexandru mischie dev4

ecardio 2017 alexandru mischie dev5

ecardio 2017 alexandru mischie dev6

Software at #ecardio2017

Software at #ecardio2017

#Cardiologs is a cloud-based start-up that uploads 7 days holter ECG and interprets it faster and more accurate.
#Carnalife is a portable telemedical system combining artificial intelligence and augmented reality simulations of CT and MRI scans
#implicity gathers all pacemaker and defibrillator brands under one platform, interprets data and sends it quickly to cardiologists for appropriate response. @escardio
#Cardiomatics is a cloud-driven tool for ECG analysis







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